Nohemi G. Soria-Pérez is a first-generation Mexican American and first-generation college graduate. SoriaPérez’s parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico as migrant farm workers. As a result, Soria-Pérez was born in Tampa, Florida. Looking for stability and in the spirit of the American Dream, her parents settled in Camden, NJ, when she was three months old. Soria-Pérez is a proud product of the public school system.

Soria-Pérez is also an alumnus of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and attended the University of Seville, Spain. Upon graduation, Soria-Pérez returned to Camden, New Jersey, where she devoted herself to local nonprofits. She has worked in various community, environmental justice, youth, and civic engagement programs throughout the City of Camden. She also brings powerful experience from her years working in the State Capitol and currently serves as Chief of Staff of the Fifth Legislative District, office of Senator Cruz Pérez and Assembly members Spearman and Moen. 

On February 2, 2016, Soria-Pérez was sworn-in as a Commissioner for the Housing Authority of the City of Camden and currently serves as Vice-Chair. In 2021, the Housing Authority of the City of Camden secured a $35 Million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to redevelop Ablett Village, located in the Cramer Hill section of the City of Camden, built in 1943. Soria-Pérez is a former Regional Coordinator of the NJ Hispanic Leadership Association/Summit, former Board Member of Latinas United for Political Empowerment PAC (LUPE PAC), former South Jersey Vice-President of LUPE Action, a former Environmental Leadership Fellow and serves on various boards including Board President of (PRUP), Puerto Rican Unity for Progress and Board Member of Latina Civic Foundation, a non-partisan educational committee whose mission is to build a network of civic engagement that expands Latina women’s capacity to develop their leadership potential and impact policy change via civic engagement in their local communities. 

In 2017, Soria-Pérez and her husband purchased their first home in her hometown neighborhood of North Camden, where they currently reside. Councilwoman Nohemi G. Soria-Pérez was sworn-in on January 1st, 2022 and made history as the first Mexican-American to serve on Camden’s city council.